Security Policy

World Wide Wood Network® understands and appreciates the concerns you have regarding the security of your confidential information and online business transactions. We have implemented various security measures to protect the information passed between your computer and our servers during your visits to our Web site and electronic marketplace.

Access to our marketplace, and any Subscriber data, is initially protected by Subscriber login and password protection procedures. Login is redirected to a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection, so user IDs and passwords are encrypted before they are transmitted over the Internet. We use VeriSign as our SSL certificate authority for encrypting any transactional data you send us. This means that from the time you enter our marketplace to the time you log off our system, all data transmitted between your computer and our servers is encrypted. The use of data encryption helps insure that your confidential information is not transmitted over the Internet in a manner where other Internet users could access and read your information. All Subscriber passwords in our system are also encrypted for additional protection.

Our servers are physically located in a remote and secure third party facility designed and operated to provide the highest levels of physical, machine, application and operating system security for the data that resides in the World Wide Wood Network® databases. All data is backed up routinely each day, and to ensure minimal interruption in your service, our servers have back-up power and redundant Internet connections that are monitored 24/7 and provide a 99.97% uptime guarantee.

We provide state of the art Cisco PIX Firewall protection to ensure secure and restricted access to our servers. The use of firewall protection helps ensure that we properly maintain the integrity, data quality, privacy and confidentiality of the information maintained on our servers. Our firewalls also protect the marketplace from hacking attempts and/or any attempts to compromise the system.

World Wide Wood Network® further deploys Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to create encrypted data tunnels between you and us for data integration (BackOffice or files).

The use of data encryption, firewall protection, VPN and a highly secure computing environment enables us to send and receive your confidential information securely, and maintain its security while it resides on our system.

We believe in protecting the privacy and security of your confidential information. Accordingly, we commit to you that we will protect the confidential information you provide to us and will continue to enhance and strengthen the security of our systems in the future.

We welcome your input about our Security Policy. Please send an email to us with any questions or comments at