Frequently Asked Questions

What is World Wide Wood Network®?

Created by wood products people for wood products companies, World Wide Wood Network® is dedicated to delivering information and supply chain management tools that significantly advance the efficient distribution of products and information for the North American Wood Products Industry.

In conjunction with our patent pending W3Net(tm) Commerce Platform, we bring functional tools to the industry such as supplier managed inventory for program sales and consignment distribution, order tracking, shipping coordination and data translation and electronic document exchange between disparate back office systems.

Who Owns World Wide Wood Network®?

Founded in February 2000, World Wide Wood Network® is a privately owned company with offices in Yelm, Washington. Although company ownership and management have deep roots in the Wood Products Industry, we have no other current presence in the industry, making wwwood.net® a truly neutral and independent Information Technology and eCommerce solutions provider for the North American Wood Products Industry.

What is Unique About World Wide Wood®?

We are a wood products company, rich in industry experience that has developed a set of web-based tools and services specifically crafted for the wood products and building materials industry. The Internet is simply the delivery mechanism for our technology. Flexible, scalable and affordable, our W3Net(tm) Commerce Platform and associated tools delivers significant transactional processing efficiencies and cost savings. We bring buyers and sellers together in a secure online exchange so that companies can do business the way they always have - only more productively.

What is the Electronic Trading Exchange?

Our Electronic Trading Exchange is a secure online transactional environment where buyers and sellers of wood products can come together to transact business with one another. Our exchange enables sellers to post inventories of a wide variety of products, and buyers to conduct product and price discovery and enter into negotiations to buy the products they need, at the price and terms they are willing to accept. The business process mirrors the way you already do business today, yet delivers transactional processing efficiencies that reduce your costs, while freeing up critical time so you can deepen your existing customer relationships, or build new ones.

What is a Document Exchange Platform?

Our W3Net(tm) Document Exchange Platform is a web-based document delivery system that provides a document translation and transmission hub for communication of business documents between trading partners and associated third party providers such as shippers, freight forwarders and customs brokers. Whether you utilize EDI, XML, ODBC sources like MS Excel or MS Access or can only send or receive basic flat file documents like delimited text, we can enable you to communicate with other systems regardless of that system's formats.

What is a Virtual Community?

Simply speaking, a virtual community is one location where all the components of a specific group exist in the same online environment. In this context, World Wide Wood Network® has brought to its Web site at www.wwwood.net, all the components of the Softwood Products Industry that you would want to find in one location, but would normally have to search a variety of different locations. You can find products, companies, news, events, associations, education providers, service providers, financial information, product specifications and prices, local weather, trading tools and management reports, together with a fast paced and intuitive trading exchange.

How Do I Become A Subscriber?

To become a Subscriber of World Wide Wood Network® and have access to our Marketplace and My Home page, you will need to provide us with certain information about you and your company and sign a Subscription Agreement. If you are interested in becoming a Subscriber, go to the Subscription button on our Home page and complete and submit the required information. One of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you to help you through the Subscription process.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Subscriber?

That depends upon the subscription level you choose. We have two subscription alternatives; Basic Subscription and Full Subscription.

A Basic Subscription entitles a Subscriber access to the My Home page, Industry News & Events and Directories sections of our Web site, plus a premium listing in our Directory. It does not entitle the Subscriber access to the W3Net(tm) Marketplace.

With a Full Subscription, you get all the benefits of a Basic Subscription, plus access to our W3Net(tm) Marketplace. Through the Marketplace, you can electronically connect with your customers or vendors and maximize your sales channels, achieve business process efficiencies, reduce transactional processing costs, track orders and shipments and deepen your customer relationships. We provide you with a single source of industry information, with desktop access to product price reports, product specifications; as well as lumber futures, currency rates, real time stock market reports and your local weather. Pertinent industry news, events and information are posted daily in an organized manner that lets you quickly locate the information you need. Extensive industry directories make quick work of finding wood products and related companies around the world. World Wide Wood Network® is your one-stop location that supports your daily needs to make informed and accurate business decisions.

How Does Information Get Transferred into Your System?

World Wide Wood Network® can collect and transfer information between you and your trading partners using virtually any data format or delivery method. Employing a loose collaboration model, we can extract information from outside your corporate firewall. Data can be retrieved via Web pages or files attached to e-mail. Employing a tight collaboration model, we transfer data by securely integrating your back office systems with our system. This allows you to leverage your back office technology investment through our W3Net(tm) Solutions to bring transactional and business processing efficiencies and cost-savings to a new level.

What About Privacy?

We strongly believe in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our Subscribers' individually identifiable information. Accordingly, we will not sell, license or rent any individually identifiable information about you or your company to any third party without your consent and will protect the individually identifiable information you provide to us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for additional information about privacy related matters.

What About Security?

We understand and appreciate the concerns you have regarding the security of your confidential information and online business transactions. We have implemented various security measures to protect the information passed between your computer(s) and our servers during your visits to our Web site and electronic marketplace. First, our Electronic Trading Exchange is password protected and governed by a formal set of transaction rules that ensures data security based upon your requirements. Then, we use data encryption technologies, firewall protection and a highly secure computing environment to send and receive your confidential information, and maintain its security while it resides in our databases. Please refer to our Security Policy for additional information about security related matters.

How Can I Contact You Directly?

Our mailing address is World Wide Wood Network®, P. O. Box 1, Littlerock , WA 98556 USA. You can call us at 1-360-357-7410, or you can send us an email at info@wwwood.net .