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Supply Chain Event Management

As a supplier, having timely notification of the various events that occur during the entire sale and delivery cycle will allow you to provide a new level of customer service.

As a buyer, receiving timely notification of supply chain fulfillment events will allow you to balance and project inventory levels, reduce cycle times and increase cash flow.

By using our Commerce Platform and Supplier Managed Inventory Module, you can differentiate your company from your competition by delivering a level of service that your customers will appreciate. You will also find that by reducing the necessity for data entry on your transactions, plus the convenience of our inventory management tools, you will have more valuable time available to deepen your customer relationships and make new ones.

Some of the automated notification of supply chain events that our system provides are:

Receipt of Offer
Offer Acceptance
Purchase Order
Order Acknowledgement
Shipping RFQ
Advance Shipping Notice
Bill of Lading
Inventory Replenishment and Re-order Alerts
Receipt of Shipment
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