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Supplier Managed Inventory Module

Customer service is a critical component of a successful sales program. Through our Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) Module, you can keep your products stocked to meet your customer demands, without requiring you or anyone else to monitor the stocking levels or calculate replenishment requirements. This is all done without any data entry by your customer or by you.

Program sales replenishment and management

You can make arrangements with your Customers to supply them with your particular products exclusively, give them a fixed pricing structure, and guarantee they will always have a minimum level of that product on hand at each of their stores.

Our Program Sales Replenishment Module keeps track of your customers inventory by product, by store and by the required time interval you need to replenish the appropriate stocking level. Inventory is monitored by our system against the minimum/maximum stocking levels you set for each product and each Customer store location, and against the inventory level for the available products in your inventory. Replenishment can be accomplished automatically by our system, or you will be notified to build the order yourself. It is your choice.

Consignment inventory replenishment and management

Some Home Centers require that you keep certain levels of products stocked in one of their distribution centers (DC). You retain ownership of the products while located at the DC and do not get paid until the products are shipped from the DC to one of the retail stores. While it is essential to keep an agreed level of products stocked at the various DC's, it becomes even more critical that you have a good tool that allows you to manage your inventory levels appropriately and make informed sales and shipping decisions with the inventory on hand at your sales location.

Our Consignment Inventory Module will allow you to monitor DC inventory levels against historical sales and shipments, take into account in-transit orders and ETA's, check on-hand inventory at your point of sale, and recommend the level of replenishment by product and DC location. This will ensure that you will not have too much inventory sitting at the DC waiting for shipment to the retail outlet, and you can sell your remaining on-hand inventory to other customers who will pay on a shorter cycle time.

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