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Document Exchange Platform

While the heart of our W3Net(tm) Solutions is our W3Net(tm) Commerce Platform, the life-blood is our W3Net(tm) Document Exchange Platform. Utilizing best of breed Internet technologies from Vignette and other middleware software providers, we can transform, translate, and transmit documents and data from and between virtually any electronic formats.

Document Exchange

To deliver the promise of the Internet to the B2B world, it is essential to provide complete electronic connectivity between all supply chain participants. Our W3Net(tm) Document Exchange Platform is the transmission hub for communication of business documents between trading partners and associated third party providers such as shippers, freight forwarders and customs brokers. Whether you utilize EDI, XML, ODBC sources like MS Excel or MS Access or can only send or receive basic flat file documents like delimited text, we can enable you to communicate with other systems regardless of that system's formats.

The following documents can be transmitted through our W3Net(tm) Document Exchange Platform:

Order Confirmation
Change Order
Advance Shipment Notice
Product Catalog
Data Transformation/Translation

In the absence of a single well-accepted industry standard for data and document transmission, the ability to move information between disparate systems requires data transformation and translation before it can be transmitted. We accomplish this process by building intelligent agents that map your format to the standardized formats we have developed in our system. From this common platform, we can receive and transmit information in virtually any electronic format, thereby allowing you to communicate electronically with your trading partners, either more efficiently or where you were not able to previously.

Data Transmission

Our W3Net(tm) Document Exchange Platform allows data and documents to be transmitted using a variety of secure formats. Using transmission protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS, we can transmit business documents and data securely and directly between our servers and your back office systems. HTTPS allows data and document collection and delivery through company firewalls while maintaining security and integrity. By routing documents and data through our W3Net(tm) Document Exchange Platform, we connect you to your supply chain partners regardless of how they or you prefer to receive or transmit information.

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