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Commerce Platform

Designed by wood products people for wood products companies, our patent pending W3Net(tm) Commerce Platform can be utilized in conjunction with our online Trading Exchange or as a privately labeled trading network. Our platform is a n-tier, Java-based application that is both scalable and portable to virtually any J2EE compliant application server or database. User access is through a standard web browser via a secure connection, while deep enterprise-to-enterprise (E2E) integration can be accomplished through EDI, XML and other ODBC/JDBC data types.

Our patent pending W3Net(tm) Commerce Platform integrates with your existing business processes. By electronically connecting you to your supply chain trading partners through our system, you can transmit and access market and product related information in a manner not previously possible.

Employing a loose collaboration model, we can extract information from outside your corporate firewall. Data can be retrieved via Web pages or files attached to e-mail. Employing a tight collaboration model, we can transfer data through our Virtual Private Network (VPN) by securely integrating your back office systems with our system.

We can collect, transform and transmit business documents between you and your trading partners, using industry standard formats such as EDI, and emerging standards like XML.

Our Commerce Platform system functionality includes:

Inventory Management
Ability to locate products by Supplier, Product Attributes and SKU
Complete Order Negotiation Process by Phone and Internet
Transaction Processing
Order Tracking
Order Cycle Audit Trail
Arrange Shipping
Create an Inquiry
Create a Hotsheet
Manage your Company Profile, Trading Profile, Shipping Profile
Set Terms of Sale and Shipping
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